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Noteable's History

Development on Noteable began in 2001 when 20-year-old piano teacher Mark Meikle decided to create a software program to help his students learn how to read music notes better.Mark found other music training suites and programs, but nothing that focused intensely on the skill his students needed most.  So, with limited programming knowledge, he dived in and started work on his "flash card program".

His family offered creativity and suggestions.  They were instrumental in the development of several of Noteable's best features. Mark's dad, Ted Meikle, conceived of the name Noteable, the Reaction Time Stoplight, The Point and View Statistics, The Drillit SmartTester, The Progress Reports, and The Email to a Teacher features. Mark's sisters Christina Meikle and Carol-Marie Meikle helped come up with nice words of praise to encourage correct answers!   The family hung a list on the refrigerator and everyone contributed.

Noteable was first released to the public in July, 2002. Over the years, Noteable's users have contributed to the software.  Users recommended the normalization of statistics results, the improvement of the progress graphs, and the addition of the guitar feature, the Top Ten Lists, the ear training feature, midi functionality, custom clefs, the ability to color notes, and much more.

Today, tens of thousands of musicians have benefited from Noteable.  As a result, the software has sold thousands of copies and help many musicians read music better. Thank you to our users for helping the world read music better!  If you enjoy Noteable, please tell a friend!  That is the very best compliment you can give us.
Mark Meikle, Creator of Noteable


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